Fly fishing – Ground Course

Fly fishing is a ”hunting technique” that everyone can learn. When you throw the line (casting), you use the weight of the line. Bait is most often a ”dry or wet” fly or imitations of dragonflies, eggs, larvae or crayfish. The hat that the fly fisherman bears has several functions such as to keep the sun out of his eyes and also in short to protect himself from his own fly hook! O, fly fishing is far from elite sporting, but a fishing for everyone.

The Course

Not only will we teach you the basic skills, we will also try to instill in you the enjoyment and passion that we have for fly fishing. The ground basic instruction consists of 8 hours training with Outdoor Sweden. Naturally you won´t achieve the skills as a professional fly fisher at once but the knowledge and skills you have learned from us will be a springboard for a lifelong hobby and a lot of fishing pleasure.

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